Heed Magazine’s Fall issue features Reed Between The Lines co-star and sitcom veteran Malcolm Jamal Warner. The highly anticipated BET comedy stars the former ‘Huxtable’ and sitcom icon, Tracee Ellis Ross. The show centers on the life and times of Alex Reed (Warner), an English professor and husband of Carla (Ross), a psychologist. Speaking on his new role, Warner told Access Hollywood recently:

“It’s fun to be able play a happily married couple. There’s no drama, but there’s obviously family stuff and obstacles… But it’s nice to be able to play a couple who really dig each other. I think that’s sort of the Cliff and Claire of it. You knew that Cliff really dug his wife, and she loved him, so it’s kind of reminiscent of that.”

Dig a couple of shots from the spread:



The countdown to Reed Between the Lines is underway. It premieres on Tuesday, October 11, 10 EST on BET. And here’s a sneak peek of the new series starring Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross:

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