A group of pastors and preacher’s wives in LA are banning together to encourage the women in their congregations to get tested for STDs. In 2009, Los Angeles ranked no. 1 for Chlamydia and no. 2 for Gonorrhea amongst women, according to the LA Times.

Black women are 19 more times as likely to contract STDs than White women, according to the Center for Disease Control. Churches, for the most part, preach abstinence. Talk of STDs and pregnancy out of marriage have been taboo topics for many years in Black churches, but this group is saying that it’s time to start talking about it. ” “Nobody wants to talk about it,” said Debra Williams, the wife of a pastor who preaches at McCoy Memorial Baptist Church. “We need to change that,” she told YourBlackWorld.com.

It’s true that we can’t continue to believe that everyone who attends church is not sexually active, especially with the high rates of HIV in the Black community. On the contrary, are these churches sending a mixed message by preaching abstinence, yet telling its’ congregants to get tested for STDs? Or is this group of pastors and pastor’s wives onto something that more churches should integrate in their own places of worship?

Pretending that we live in a society that doesn’t participate in premarital sex is perceived as naive and getting tested yearly is seen as being a responsible sexually active adult.

So is this a good or bad idea?

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