In the simply pathethic news of the day, the New York Police Department claims that the rise in shootings within the last month in the five boroughs is because officers are too busy controlling the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors to attend other acts of violence in the city, according to the New York Post.

The amount of people shot in NYC rose 154% in the last two weeks and 28% in the last month. The reason for this is because many of the police officers who usually patrol our neighborhoods, borough task forces, have been sent to maintain the peace on Wall Street.

“The city is going crazy with demonstrations and protests, and I’m lucky if I can get four cars out there,” Deputy Inspector Ted Berntsen told the Post.

Another source told the Post that the rise in shootings is also the result of the drastic decrease in stop-and-frisks.

OWS started on Sept. 17 and since then the only unorderly conduct that has been reported is that of NYPD officers pepper spraying and using excessive force on the law abiding protestors.  There is a problem when some of New York’s most dangerous neighborhoods and rowdy night clubs are left completely unattended due to this protest. Instead of blaming the protest, I think the police department should work on how they disseminate their officers. Some may argue that the protests have reamined farely peaceful because of the large police presense, but when the rate of violent crimes in the city have drastically increased then some better decisions need to be made.

What do you think?

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