Fashion Fair Cosmetics has served African-American beauty aficionados since 1973. Owned by the Johnson Publishing Company, it almost instantaneously became one of the most successful and prominent black-owned beauty brands producing products for women of color at the time of the launch. Fast-forward almost 40 years and powerhouse cosmetics brands like Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. have eclipsed the market, churning out collections that target women with deeper complexions.

The New York Times reported that Fashion Fair is responding to this new market by revamping its brand to appeal to the youth and shed its former association as the “grandmother’s line.” Announcing Sam Fine as their new creative director a couple of months ago was a positive step in that process and surely garnered the brand plenty of attention and renewed interest. Other plans include building a stronger presence online, in store, in advertisements and at events.

Do you think Fashion Fair Cosmetics has a chance at coming back as a top beauty brand? What will it take for them to gain a younger clientele?

-Krystal Holmes

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