Hearsay is the name of the game when it comes to the Family Smith as of late. First, there was the Will & Jada break-up debacle, now, ‘they say’ Will is demanding $50 million bucks to sign on for two Independence Day sequels. The Hollywood heavy hitter, who played Captain Stephen Hiller in the hit film back in ’96 allegedly is willing and able to join the cast, but in addition to the high price tag, he’s demanding Jada and Willow be added to the cast too.
A source told NYMag.com’s aptly titled Vulture blog:

“It’s complicated because of where and how Smith wants to shoot, he wants to be close to home, to the kids… There’s also been talks about him wanting Jada and maybe even Willow in the movie too. Sony just managed to get through the mire that was ‘Men in Black 3’, and so Fox is just trying to avoid anything remotely similar. They want the story straight and want Will to sign off on it, totally, before they proceed.”

Nevertheless, the Vulture blog asserts that although “Hollywood desperately needs Smith, its only remaining take-it-to-the-bank action star, back making blockbusters again,” Fox studios is prepared to move forward with the film with or without The Fresh Prince. If there’s any truth to this tale, it’ll be interesting to see how this particular game of Hollywood hardball will end up…


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