The hair controversy train keeps chugging along and the latest headlines are not encouraging. Actor and Old Spice model Isaiah Mustafa, recently described his perfect woman, and one of the requirements was that she had to have “good” hair. He went on to explain why. Apparently he is blessed with tresses that on a bad day, could be “slightly nappy”, so in order to guarantee that his kids wont suffer the same fate, ending up with a woman blessed with “good” hair is a necessity.

Of course his comments did not inspire a warm reception and Mustafa used the only weapon that can rapidly communicate an apology to the masses by the click of a mouse – Twitter. “I want 2 apologize wholeheartedly 2 anyone out there who was offended or hurt by the irresponsible comments I made on E! news. #ignorant”.

While an apology is the obvious way to diffuse a hostile situation and save face, it doesn’t distract from the fact that he still feels the way he does but is sorry his preferences are considered offensive.

As much as I love rocking my natural do and feel a sense of camaraderie with other women who share the same look, I have to admit that I am comfortable enough with myself not to be offended by Mustafa’s choice of not wanting a woman that represents what he deems as unattractive. That is not to say that the fact that he is putting down his own race isn’t both sad and tragic but at the end of the day, we all have the right to choose what we want our mate to embody.

Some of us want the right skin tone to compliment ours, or an athletic tall build to wipe out the obesity factor and then there are some of us that prefer that “good” hair. And that’s more than fine. I would have had more respect for him if he had at least stuck by his words and owned it, instead of scurrying away from his declaration like a scared puppy. There are tons of us who privately agree with his statement but we pretend otherwise.

“Good hair” represents may things in the black community, but ultimately it proves that you are black and “something” else and that presents an exotic factor that clearly all men, not just black seem to respond favorably to. And since men are visual creatures, they want to end up with someone who will consistently and persistently turn them on. And if the hair factor plays a big role in that, then let them indulge. There are plenty of men out there that can’t keep their hands off my natural do, so I say to each his own.

Maybe its time to move on from this never-ending pointless debate and accept the fact that our hair will always be a bone of contention, because of its uniqueness and complex nature. And for those people, who can’t handle the fire, Get out of the kitchen! And find something more on your level of simplicity.

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