When certain celebrities get together, their stock value seems to appearingly increase. The men get stylish and start to pay more attention to fashion, and some of the women become all of a sudden hotter when they get snatched off the market. Love is known to give you a glow, but these celebrity couples radiate an electricity when they’re together. Some individuals weren’t even known before pairing with their mate, so going from being virtually unknown to a A-lister, is the power of upgrading your mate. Style is important when your in the public eye, so its only necessary for these pairs to upgrade their threads when hitting the red carpet and such. Even though we would never recommend taking it as far wearing matching outfits as a pair, the glow, the love and the excitement of being in a happy relationship should be apparent and ultimately match. Here are pictures of some of our favorite couples for a closer look at how being together made them look good (atleast on the outside). Some of them didn’t make it all the way, but we can’t help but to go down memory lane at the times they inspired us to find love and look good while in it.

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