For the past few years Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s baby sis (and some argue more stylish), has been making a name for herself.

She’s been pictured around town and in glossies for her eclectic style. What’s clear is Solange isn’t afraid to take risks. After she big chopped her hair and got rid of her weave, Solange rocked a TWA until she was moved to try something new. These days she might be spotted with a big ol’ beautiful ‘fro or throwback braids, but no matter what style she’s rocking, people will definitely take notice.

This month, Lucky magazine named Solange its November ‘Lucky Girl,’ and the photo has her channeling her inner Janet Jackson circa the “Poetic Justice” era in chunky braids, a leopard-print skirt, patterned top, and a pair of heels that I need in my closet.

But what do you think of Solange’s look? Do you love it or hate it?

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