Rihanna took her “ooh, I’m so edgy and bad” steez a little too far this week when she violated the no-touching policy at a London strip club, going so far as to put her head between one of the women’s legs. The bouncers stepped in and reprimanded the 23-year-old, who was kicking it with ex-beau Matt Kemp. Naughty!

My personal (meaning NOT representative of Clutch, its other writers and our advertisers) feelings are a bit mixed. I’ve been to see both genders dance and I think it can be a totally healthy, safe experience for all parties. The biggest issue for me is that of dancer safety and respect from clients and employers; you have dudes who enjoy the feminine form and can pay for their lap dance and go home peacefully…but then you have those who think of the women as lowly sluts because of what they do. And then there’s the people who come in to watch without tipping, as if someone should just be flattered to dance for them.

Oh, and I did have a guy try to get me to flash him in a strip club. I resented that. Yes, there is a culture of sex there, but there are paid professionals in the house to sell that illusion. It put a damper on my experience and reminded me how many folks just don’t know how to enjoy the business of stripping without it spreading over into a general attitude of ‘women are objects!’

Clutch fam, how do y’all feel about the strip clib? Sexy? Sleazy? Both? Do you enjoy going to watch women dance? What about men? 

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