When it comes to learning about African history in schools, the majority of what is taught is about slavery. Africans are portrayed as primitive as if they didn’t have a very functional or happy existence before they began to be enslaved. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is putting an end to this thinking by honoring the kings, queens, chiefs and their kingdoms from the pre-colonial era with the exhibit, “Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures.” The exhibit begins Sept. 21 and ends Jan. 29, 2012.

The sculptures presented in this exhibit challenge the conventional perception of African art and features generations of leaders who shaped Africa’s past. Alissa LaGamma PhD is the curator who came up with the concept for this exhibit. LaGamma lived on the continent and developed a vast love, appreciation and interest in Africa. With this exhibit, she is able to share her appreciation for the beautiful continent with others.

The exhibit will focus on sculptural traditions from West and Central Africa created between the twelfth and early twentieth centuries. You can read more about this amazing exhibit here.

Brava to Dr. LaGamma for coming up with the concept for this exhibit and wanting to educate others about the better times in African history.

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