I am an avid watcher of the show, “The Doctors.” I find it informative and entertaining. While watching today’s show I saw a disturbing segment where they broke down the meaning of some text codes that kids/teens are using today. I am 26-years-old and consider myself to be in the loop of most things, but I must admit that I am out of touch with the slangs/codes that young people use to speak to each other. We all use short cuts when we text, but more often people actually speak in text talk as well. I am sure at one point or another we have said OMG or IDK during a conversation. I don’t support parents looking through their kids things, but after seeing what these text codes mean I feel parents need to start familarizing themselves with them. Your children could be having the most obscense conversations right in front of you and you would be oblivious. Here are the six text codes that I didn’t even know:

CD9 – “Parents are around”
MOS – “Mom over shoulder”
HSWM – “Have sex with me”
Pron – Just a discreet way to say “porn”
GNOC – “Get naked on camera”
NIFOC – “Naked in front of camera”

Kids today are more intune with technology than most of us were when we were growing up. These text codes are used in just about every form of communication. With all the issues that the youth of today have to deal with, I think parents need to get more hip to all of these little abbreviations. I am sure there are tons more that I am still clueless about, but the fact that your kids could be having the most outlandish conversations right in front of you without your knowledge of the topic is a cause for concern.

Let us know if you know of any other text codes that parents should be aware of.

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