I was pursuing the blog That Grape Juice, when I came across a post wondering if Rihanna has “peaked too soon.”

That Grape Juice wondered:

Next month sees the release of Rihanna’s new album ‘Talk That Talk’.

Her sixth album in just as many years,  it marks yet another milestone in Ms. Fenty’s ever eventful  career.

From her undeniable impact on the charts with the likes of ‘Umbrella‘ and ‘Rude Boy‘ to the trials and tribulations she has faced- very publicly- in her personal life, there are some who hail the entertainer as being one of the most ground breaking artists to debut within the last ten years.

Of course, there are those who feel differently.

Who feel that for all her ‘efforts’, Ms. Fenty –  as successful as she has been on the singles front- has peaked too soon and can only be expected to suffer an abrupt decline in popularity in coming years.

Who would argue that unlike her fellow brunette and chart rival Beyonce, her entire cause has been based on a prolonged hype – kept alive by interchangeable wigs, chart hungry producers  and knee jerk marketing strategies.

Has Rihanna peaked too quickly?

Although I’m no Rihanna fanatic (like a Clutchette commented) and don’t own any of her albums, I respect her ability to bounce back from adversity, her hustle, and her seeming ability to be herself. And yes, I have a few of her catchier songs on my iPod. But whenever Rihanna comes up, I notice commenters often ask, “Why is this chick even popular?!”

I find it odd that releasing an album a year seems like a bad thing, especially in this fickle music industry. Way, way back in the day (I’m talking ’60s and ’70s) artists LIVED in the studio and released albums yearly. It wasn’t until the ’80s and ’90s that artists began spacing out their albums to mixed results (I’m looking at you D’angelo!). So knocking Rihanna because she has the good sense to strike while the iron is hot seems a little odd.

But here’s the thing. Rihanna is not an R&B singer although she gets spins on urban radio. She’s pop. She’s always been pop and no matter how many times she gets played on Hot 97, she’ll always be pop. Rihanna is not Beyonce (although people LOVE to compare them for some strange reason), she does not have a voice like Monica or your local underground talent, but what she does have is personality, drive, and a great team. And I’m not mad at that.

(Sidenote: Although many of you get tired of seeing the same popular artists over and over again and wish they’d have a seat, remember that it is those popular artists that make enough money for record companies to have the budget and space to go out to find newer, more experimental artists. Just saying.)

Now, I’m not one to talk about “haters,” but lawd, this woman has lots of…(irrational) critics. And I just don’t get it.

But if it can get Madonna, Britney, Katy Perry, and Janet (let’s face it…her voice is nothing special) to the top, why won’t folks let RiRi be great?

Somebody explain it to me, Clutchettes.

Why do people seem to HATE Rihanna so much? 


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