It is indeed sad when a well known and respected celebrity couple spread negative rumors about themselves in order to gain publicity. Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith allegedly spread the rumors about their split so Jada’s show, HawthoRNe, could get some publicity, according to Star magazine.

TNT cancelled the show in Septemeber after three seasons so the couple wanted to attempt to boost ratings. In addition to this, the magazine reports that Jada had been complaining that she and Will were starting to look like the Brady Bunch, with all the kids now stepping into the spotlight as well. She felt like she and her husband were viewed as “too family-friendly” and “too boring.” (Blank stare) I don’t know why being considered a loving, wholesome couple would be considered such a bad thing. Also, I didn’t think they needed to spread a rumor to spice things up as the alleged rumor that they are swingers is still going strong.

Of course we know the Smiths are still head over heels in love and ridiculously happy. What do you think about their  attempt at getting extra attention?

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