Over the course of her 52 year reign we’ve seen Barbie do it all. She’s been a doctor, model, pilot and mother. She’s been African American, Hispanic, and Asian, worn the latest designers, gone hip hop and most recently she’s sported tattoos. However, one thing we haven’t seen from this plastic do it all diva is a plus size Barbie. Barbie dolls are known for having unrealistically tiny waists, huge boobs and heels that never touch the ground, but considering Barbie often reflects the world around us wouldn’t one think there would be a plus sized version of the doll? Could they, do they exist? Sure do.

According to The Huffington Post, Daily Venus Diva magazine did a little digging and found that a few curvy Barbie dolls do exist. The article states:

“Turning up in Daily Venus Diva’s search was an Effie from “Dreamgirls” doll, whose memorable curves are clad in a glam brown gown; a Rosie O’Donnell Barbie, who wears the sort of baggy blazer the real-life TV host sports; and The Emme Doll, made to resemble plus-size model Emme Aronson. Then there’s the curious “Ciotka Kena” Barbie, which in Polish means’ “Ken’s Aunt.” Apparently in Poland, Ken has an aunt with voluminous blonde hair and a white lace teddy — and real-woman curves.”

The article also raises a valid question, with more than half of the adults and children in this country falling into the obese category, doe we really need a plus size Barbie? Would creating a plus size Barbie promote obesity? A plus sized doll couldn’t possibly do any more to promote unhealthy body images than the current Barbie and its clearly unrealistic measurements, or could it?

Does the world really need a plus sized Barbie? Do you think it would promote unhealthy body images? Would you buy one?

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