In my travels, I’ve come across various black women representative of the many facets of the African Diaspora. While our cultures are different, there’s a shared connection in our ancestral history and the strength that we exhibit in our lives. We are beautiful. We are fearless. We are lovers. We are daring. We are mothers. We are daughters. We are sisters.

Below are ten things black women have in common across the world, ten things to remind us of our greatness.

Grace. Black women manage to hold our heads high despite the many woes and challenges that face us everyday. We raise our children. We provide for our families. We lead our communities. We make adversity look easy.

Power. Black women influence nations. Whether it’s Michelle Obama serving as the most visible woman in the U.S.A. or Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf ushering Liberia into a new era as the head of state, black women are natural leaders and a gift to democracy.

Hospitality. Black women take care of strangers, and consistently welcome visitors into their homes. If you’ve ever traveled, been hungry, or needed a place to stay in a foreign place, a black woman’s home is a haven. You can always find refuge there.

Wisdom. Black women give the best advice and mantras to remember in every day life. When you feel like the world is against you, black women know the feeling all to well, and can counsel you out of any funk.

Intelligence. Black women are smart, not just book smart, but spiritually adept. While we hold many degrees and social accolades, we also carry an intuitive knowledge of humanity. After all, we were the first mothers of humankind.

Beauty. Black women come in many shades, shapes, and sizes. But the essence of our beauty isn’t just in our physical variety. Instead, it lives across many characteristics, including our walks, dances, and overall vibe.

Love. Black women love fiercely. We are the most powerful examples of loyalty. We hurt. We fall. We heal. We get back up. But overall, we stay true to our hearts, even when it leads us astray.

Respect. Black women demand deference. Regardless of whether the world pays tribute or not, we won’t tolerate disregard. The older we get, the stronger our backbone grows.

Dignity. Black women certainly have weak moments, but dignity is always an end goal. Our self-respect always wins out in the end, and dictates our careers, families, loves, and community successes.

Smiles. Black women’s happiness is infectious and lights up a room. When we’re experiencing joy, everyone can feel it and no one can ignore it. It’s not light and fleeting, it’s powerful and reigning. In the words of Maya Angelou, it’s the sun of our smiles. We are phenomenal women.

Let’s celebrate our greatness, and the many commonalities we share across the world. What do you love about being a black woman? Speak on it.


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