Women are notoriously loyal to their makeup brands. From M.A.C. to NARS and beyond, once we find a product we like it will take something major to get us to give it up. However when it comes to supporting cosmetic lines made specifically for women of color, many of us tend to ignore them for the larger and better known brands. It’s time for us to add more brands of color to our makeup rotation, so here are three makeup brands we think you should try supporting today.

Black Opal

Launched in 1994, Black Opal was the first company to release a technologically advanced, doctor-recommended, mass market skincare line for women of color. Designed to address the specific beauty concerns of women of color, Black Opal has created an impressive product line with a wide range of skin care formulas and makeup shades that can make a wonderful addition to your current beauty must haves.

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