Music today is in a serious state of emergency. Everywhere you turn classic sounds have given way to formulated booty bounce beats and violent lyrics. Gone are the days when love songs ruled the airways and male R&B groups with their lullaby inducing harmonies were the standard for men trying to get into the business. I love a good crunk tune as much as the next person, but it’s time for music to mellow out and get back to its baby making basics, and here are three R&B groups that need to come back and make it happen.


I might be a little bias on this one since they were formed at my alma mater, Howard University, but Marc, Carl, Darnell and Garfield were young, smooth, chocolate and worthy of bringing home to momma. Their singles Baby I’m Yours and Comforter solidified them as soulful crooners, but it was their smash it first single If I Ever Fall In Love that made them stars. Shai was so hot back in the day that they even scored a hit with The Place Where You Belong from the Beverly Hills Cop III. The group eventually went their separate ways, but there is no doubt they have fans that would gladly welcome them back into the spotlight.

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