Weekend with Girls!

When most people think of group trips they think of a disaster waiting to happen. Most people I know wouldn’t dare go on a vacation with more than three other people, if that. As someone who regularly travels with a large (15+) group of women I definitely feel your pain. It can be a hassle trying to deal with all of the different moods, needs, wants and personalities. One bad experience with a girls only group trip can scar you for life! It’s definitely a challenge, but trust me, it’s not impossible. Before you turn your next group trip into a solo one, consider these three tips and turn your next ladies getaway from scary to spectacular.

Be Selective

I know it seems cruel to even think about traveling without one of your close friends, but not every friend is a travel friend. Your girl Tasha might be cool for brunches and the occasional trip to a lounge, but on a week long vacation she might be your worst nightmare. Make sure you pick friends with easy going laid back personalities that will not only mesh with yours during the course of the trip, but with your other guests as well. If you know Tasha is boughetto and Mia has strong opinions about everything, it may not be wise to have them both on the same trip. Choose wisely and your sanity will thank you later.

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  • Whatever

    Yes to all 3 tips! Planning ahead is definitely key!

    One that I would add is in addition to splitting up, find some alone time. I went on vacation for a week with 2 friends and there was a certain point on around day 4 that there was some tension. Maybe it was being in close space together for so long… who knows. Anyway, we each took a couple hours to just roam around by ourselves and take a breather and it worked. Everything was fine from that point on.

    And UGH! to cell phone addicts. Nothing is more annoying than the person that needs to call their boyfriend every other hour or the person that needs to constantly check up on everything at home. I would put that out there from the start. Make your calls in the morning or at night when you’re winding down. Not in the middle of a tour while we’re on a boat with 20 other people. It’s rude!

  • JaeBee

    I would add: Be sure that there is at least one other person in the group that shares your interests who you could pair off with if necessary. Nothing sucks more than being the lone person who likes to do “touristy” things on vacation in a group with people who only care about partying. Sure you can do the tourist thing solo, but things are more fun to do when you’re with friends.

  • Coco

    These are just from my personal experiences:

    If you can afford it, no more than 2 people in a room. Space is good.

    No “trip boyfriends”: if you meet a guy on vacay thats great, but meeting him shouldn’t impact our trip in a major way.

    Respect peoples interests. One of my best friends is a party girl and i am not. She would always insist that we hit the club every night. I love her dearly, but i’ve started traveling without, simply to avoid the pressure and drama.