Men are constantly telling women we are catty, love to gossip, and can’t stop talking, but one thing I’ve come to learn is men gossip as much, if not more, than most women.

Despite the game they try to run on us, men talk about EVERYTHING. Which one of his boys is really a mama’s boy? They talk. Which friend is not over his ex? They talk some more. And let’s not ask about who’s girl/job/ride/basketball skills/album are the best, you may not EVER get them to stop talking.

While I love a man who loves a good conversation, there are limits. In a relationship, I’d rather my dude’s friends not know the intimate details of our life—in or out of the bedroom. As my mother always told me, “Loose lips sink ships,” and a man who’s always letting the details of your life slip to his friends instead of hashing them out to you could be a bit of a problem.

So before you get all deep in your feelings about your latest potential boo, here are three ways to tell if he’s a gossip.

1)     He’s always saying “my boy says…”: If your dude is always telling you about something his boy said or did, he’s a gossip. While this might mean that he trusts you with the details of his friendship, it could also mean that he’s sharing your pillow talk with his friends as well. If the thought of this makes you a tad bit uncomfortable, tell him that you love how open he is, but keep your business to himself.

2)     He hates “catty” women, but loves Reality TV and blogs: Although men might tell you that reality shows and celeb blogs are for “women and gay dudes” (yes, I had someone tell me this), many men LOVE Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives, and Crunk & Disorderly just as much as we do. This isn’t a bad thing if you two love to watch and discuss it together, but it might also signal that he’s a little loose with the lips. While he’s chatting with you, a coworker, or his friends about Tami’s latest beatdown, Nene’s latest cuss-out, or who Kanye is dating this week, be sure he isn’t also spilling some of your—let’s just say—less than stellar moments.

3)     He tweets…a lot: I love Twitter as much as the next person and often use it to engage in a little foolishness myself. But if your boo is a super tweeter, you might want to set some boundaries. It’s one thing to crack jokes about Rick Ross’ cup size or which celeb he’d like to smash, but quite another to share details about the time the two of you got it on in the back seat of the jeep. Some things are just better left unsaid.

What are other ways to tell if a man is a gossip? 

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