Are you ruining your relationship?You’ve finally found someone that you don’t mind spending a little time with and at first everything is as sweet as can be. However once the newness of it all wears off and you finally settle into a routine, your main focus becomes how to keep this good thing going. Before you know it, bad habits start to creep in and what once was good is now turning sour. There are many ways to ruin a relationship, but these three are often the main culprits, nip them in the bud now before your relationship becomes loves next casualty.

Keeping The Peace
This may sound a bit crazy because who doesn’t want peace in their relationship, but sometimes we get so caught up in not wanting to rock the boat that we neglect important issues. It’s never fun to fuss and fight with your other half, but sometimes things just need to be said and issues need to be hashed out. Holding things in will only lead to a big blow up that could’ve been avoided if you spoke your mind more often.

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  • I’m so thankful for this post, so true, so necessary.

  • Lola

    I’m guilty of #3 a lot. Which is odd for me. My man got me used to it by wanting to be around me all the time and now that we’re in that phase where we should be sending alittle time apart to keep our sanity, I don’t know how to feel about it. It’s hard to get used to something new.

  • All three very good points. However, I defintely need work on number 3!!I live with my bf which makes even more important to get spaces away from eachother.i try to but im not consistent and it does not help situation when he ask why he cant come with me.Plus, I dont see him making effort to hang with friends and get space away from me.His under the impression that theres no point hanging with his wildly friends now that he has me.However, this problem is getting worse and its been affecting our relationship.

  • jen


    • jen

      Whoops, wrong article. tehe.