When it comes to working, it’s just one of those necessary evils that come with adult life. No matter how much you love what you do for a living, it’s hard to be productive if you’re working non stop and not taking sufficient time to recharge your batteries. If what used to be a pleasant experience, has all of a sudden turned into a “can’t wait until 5p’ countdown, then it might be time for a serious break. Here are four signs that you might be burned out from work and need to plan a vacation asap!

You leave work thinking, “That is all I can handle today”
We’ve all got to go home at some point, but if you leave work everyday feeling like you’ve reached your absolute limit and will burst if one more paper or email crosses your desk…you’re burned out. Work days can be long, but you should never leave work feeling like you’ve been drained of your all.

When you’re home you think about work — but not in a good way
We all take work home with us in one way or another, but if you’re at home and your thoughts of work involve praying the building catches on fire before you have to leave for work at 7am, it might be time for a little break. Getting away from the office for awhile can help you refocus, recharge and hopefully make work a fun place to be again.

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