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  • me

    i usually just stick with shellac/ uv gel nail polish technique b/c I hate chipped nails.
    i think i might try the metallic and mood changing polishes though.. those seem cool.

  • Tenisha

    Sorry to inform you but the Crackle fad is dying out. It starting in America last Christmas and is now collecting dust on my store’s overstock shelves. When it was hot, it was hot! Now it’s not. But glitter is back for the holidays. Most popular colors are in the OPI Muppet’s Collection, specifically Warm and Fozzie, a deep brown with tons of sparkle.

    I’m a little skeptical of the magnetic polish. What happens to my credit cards if a portion of my hand is now magnetic? I can kiss the magnetic strip on my cards good bye. Not worth it.

    • Felicia

      I’d def try the mood polish, it looks fun

      @Tenisha – Um Magnetic Nail Polish will not remove the magenetic strip on your cards – how did you even come up with the assumption? smh

  • Tenisha sure is right about glitter; I’m lusting after the OPI Muppet collection!

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