When Girlfriends was taken off the off the air, I was distraught. In part because there were no longer any of shows reflecting that women of color could most certainly get along without all the neck-rolling, baby mama drama and petty fights that are now so prevalent when we’re on the small screen.

But mostly, because we wouldn’t be able to see Joan’s, I mean, Tracee Ellis Ross’ commanding style. Though she has held us over with her fab red carpet appearances and outings, fans of her style can now get their weekly fashion fix on her new show Reed Between The Lines which airs Tuesdays at 10PM on BET.

What the show lacks in plot lines, it makes up for it with Tracee’s character Carla’s stylish picks.

Here are five reasons we can’t get enough:

1. She Embraces Her Curves

Tracee has body for days and she tastefully embraces that with clothing the highlights the best parts of her in a classy manner. Pencil skirts, shift dresses, well tailored blazers, the way Tracee dresses on-set isn’t much different then how she’s spotted off screen because it works.

2. Curls, Curls, Curls

Second only to Tracee’s body is her curls. She makes a chick want to embrace her natural curl pattern. Will it look like Tracee’s? Possibly or maybe not, either way, she makes you want to explore the options.

3. She Has Fun With Color

Tracee plays up her super feminine shape on the show with equally feminine elements. Lots of silk or texture to show she enjoys being– and dressing– like a women. It’s a refreshing to change to see a women turn to bright colors and prints without looking tacky or juvenile.

4. She Knows Professional Doesn’t Mean Stuffy

Tracee shows us that you can be corporate and still have a lot of fun with your wardrobe. Tracee isn’t afraid to sport a mean pump or rock a demure cami under a suit jacket. She never does too much, but just enough when it comes to her professional look.

5. She Believes in Luxe For Less

One of the absolute best things about the show is that Tracee watches along with the viewers pointing out the luxe for less pieces on the show on her Twitter page. Her character mixes ZARA with H&M and L.A.M.B and it all looks expensive without breaking the bank.

What say you, ladies? Is Tracee’s style the reason you tune into the show? Are you loving her character’s style? What do you think of the show?

See some of Tracee’s best looks on and off the screen below:

–Channing Hargrove

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  • Joan

    I have to admit that I don’t care about the plot of Reed Between the Lines: I just want to see what Tracee is wearing! It just so happens that the plots have been nice, but even if they were bad (like Single Ladies), I’d still watch. I get so many ideas from Tracee. I think she is a positive image for women, whether they are black, white, whatever. She has that professional polish with a slight edge…that extra something special.

  • pizaame

    Tracy Ellis Ross was amusing in GF, stuck up,air headey, without reality and desparate….This show Reed between the Lines does not portray the loving couple and family that it advertises. TERoss acs like she can’t be close to her husband…look at the picture they use to advertise the show…she pulls away from his loving husband pose.

    Perhaps if the show hadn’t been compared to the Huxtables is would’ve been interesting to me…I love the Huxtables…NO COMPARISON!!!!!!
    TEROSS cannot act in a wifey manner….she’s tooo stifff and too preserved….Don’t get me wrong…she’s entertaining…but very boring in this role…..I fill Jill from GF would’ve given the character a more spicey, loving and funny motherly character….

    Well that’s my comment. I feel TERoss received this role because of her mother…who protrayed a good girlfriend/wife and lover in her roles…
    TERoss just doesn’t have it…she’s more of a character that works well with other females..she has no good male/female talent that comes over as “for real”

    She would be good in the show on VH1 that LisaRay McCoy was in.

    Good Nite