The weather is cooling off and the nights are getting longer. While some lament about the loss of warm, summer days, the winter has it’s own perks. Sweater dresses, gorgeous boots, and cuddle buddies are just a few positives Old Man Winter brings in his sack of tricks.

When the weather gets chilly and you’re looking to snuggle up with your boo, the right music is as essential as the right one, a soft blanket, and a cache of sexy snacks.

In case your cuffin’ soundtrack needs some new life, check out these tracks. I promise they won’t disappoint.

The-Weeknd – What You Need: This is possibly the sexiest song I’ve heard in a very, very long time. It could be because my British boo thang hipped me to this joint from Toronto duo The-Weeknd, or the fact that the beat is just so effin smooth it makes me want to whine real slow. Either way, put this on and it won’t be long before you want to take something off.

Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb: Say what you want about Wale, but this song is a definite winner. He manages to make a sexy hip-hop ballad without sounding corny or vulgar. The beat coupled with Wale’s playful lines and Miguel’s voice set this track on fire. Throw this on to get things started with your boo and you might just hit repeat a few times to keep the party going.

Esthero – Superheroes: This is an oldie, but I love it so. Esthero is so underrated it’s amazing. This song just oozes sensuality from the opening strums of the harp. And when she sings “Stay awhile longer sweet tongue of fur and feather/ There is a white breast/Waiting for you here…” you know it’s not a game.

Bilal – White Turns to Grey: With an opening line like, “She said, ‘Hold your breath, so you don’t come…away from me too soon,” I don’t think I have to say anything else. It’s definitely for lovers only.

Intro – Come Inside: Another throwback, but this song has always been one of my favorites from the golden age of ‘90s R&B. Back then lyrics weren’t as blatant and artists played on double entendres. Put this on and reminisce with your boo about the good ol’ days of cuffin music when brothas boasted about taking their time and making you feel alright.

What songs help you set the mood?

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