Does being constantly complimented when it comes to your ability to speak clearly and concisely without any trace of Ebonics give you that much needed boost to conquer a world dominated by money, power and politics? Nothing against having any sort of ethnic kick laced in your accent, but I have observed that the “Proper English” lingo seems to get the doors swinging wide open depending on where you want to end up.

In a country that is now rife with economic woes, a lot of people are trying to come up with innovative ways to market themselves in order to secure their future. Some are also wondering if their complete package fits the environment they are trying to assimilate into. Its hard not to wonder what your chances would be if your name was Shaniqua and you had a habit of misusing your past tense and present tense. Unfortunately it has been proven time and again that employers tend to be skeptical when they come across a name on a resume that doesn’t evoke the same feeling as Sarah, Katie, Steve or William. There is also the issue of the interview, and whether you come across as someone that hails from the “right” side of the tracks.

As insulting as these insinuations may sound, they are not as far fetched as they may seem. Corporate America specializes in compartmentalization and if you are even remotely ambitious, you must wonder where you fit in.

What part of the job sector do you think you belong? Are you as flexible as you think?

You never want to change who you are for the sake of society, but improving yourself so that you end up more marketable wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

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