Despite the media’s crusade to paint all Black women as lonely, angry, desperate, and hopelessly single, our confidence is still booming.

According to a new survey from beauty mag, Allure, that asked, “What’s Beautiful Now,” Black women were “three times as likely as Caucasian women to rate themselves at the ‘hot’ end of the spectrum.”

Sure, it’s a little superficial, but this hints at what many of us know: We don’t care what the media thinks, we love ourselves!

The survey questioned over 2,000 men and women and found some interesting results. While 76 percent of women said that “curvier” body types are more popular than ever, 85 percent admitted to wanting narrower hips.  Twenty-two percent of men said they’d like a bigger butt, but only 11 percent of women wanted the same thing. Eighty-six percent of men wanted to shed some weight compared to a whopping 97 percent of women. And when it comes to sexual attraction, women listed face, body type, smile, eyes, and height as their favotires, while men said  a woman’s face, body type, breasts, smile, and butt turn them on.

Do you agree with the results of this survey? What do you love most about yourself?

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