Amber Rose, who is most widely known for her highly-publicized relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, has been tapped as the face of Smirnoff Vodka. The Philly-bred beauty, who also has a judging role on BET’s Master of the Mix sponsored by Smirnoff, has always expressed interest in modeling and as a nightlife mainstay, she appears to be a perfect fit for the brand.

In the ads for Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmellow and Whipped Cream, Amber rocks her signature blond buzz cut with trendy lip colors and matching contacts. She rocks an embellished dress with elaborate shoulder detail for each advertisement.

What do you think of Amber Rose for Smirnoff Vodka? Was she the right spokesperson for the brand?

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  • Bronze

    This is really sad. Sisthas can’t catch a break no where.

  • Bronze

    I am convinced that white people love anything black; ass, attitude, figure….as long as it is not attached to a black woman.

    • Usagi

      They may be considered attractive, but I highly doubt non-anglo-saxons considered as truely white. Here’s a little secret. White people are equal/worse than black folks when it comes is hating on their own kind. Steven Tyler was teased for having “nigger” lips and most WASPS don’t like Itailians or ethnic whites. Janice Dickson couldn’t find work in modeling because she looked too “Ethnic”. ” Dickinson moved to New York City to pursue work as a model after winning a national competition called “Miss High Fashion Model.” At a time when blue-eyed blondes dominated the fashion scene.Just get me started on the Scottish/Irish and the gingers.

  • Usagi

    They usually used as exotic play things.

  • Bronze

    Well all-right-tee-den! Break it all the way down. Thanks 4 that perspective.

  • I don’t understand how this is a white or black issue. ::shrugs::

    Amber looks great. Good for her being able to snag such a high name spokesman-ship. I rather see her in ads than sucking face with rappers. My feelings for her are very hot and cold. She’s so extra at times, but then I feel sad for her. But not like she cares what I think or feel about her.