Philly’s own and Kanye’s former muse, Amber Rose stopped by the Wendy Williams show during the Hot Topics segment to discuss her life, her relationships with Wiz and Yeezy, and her new ventures.

Although she has been fairly quiet about her life (and was completely mute during her relationship with Kanye), Rose didn’t shy away from any of Wendy’s prying questions.

During the interview, Wendy asked Amber how she and Kanye met (on a video set), her life back in Philly (she and her mother were homeless), and her boo Wiz Khalifa (she wants to spend the rest of her life with him).

One thing I thought was telling was that she didn’t throw shade at Kanye during the interview and even defended his infamous MTV Taylor Swift moment. For some reason I dig Amber. Despite what some may say about her past or her rise to “fame,” she comes off as a real person.

We wish her the best!


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  • Zaza

    I like Amber. People say ‘how is she different from etc…’ Yes she’s shown her body, but I think she’s more known for her style and look. I like that she didn’t sell stories about how Kanye was in bed etc. or go on some trashy hip-hop girlfriend show fighting like a hoodrat.

    She’s got opportunities now, and she’s making the best of them. If someone offered you the chance to design clothes or make music, would you go slink off to work in Walmart because you weren’t with the rapper who ‘made you’ anymore? I don’t know why people expect her to do that.

    And I have to say, it’s funny when she got with Wiz everyone was calling it a ‘downgrade’ yet with Kanye you never really saw her smile, she was just like a beautiful mannequin he took out (and probably didn’t let speak!). She looks much happier with Wiz, and seems more in control of her life now. Good for her.

  • It is what it is.She got off the pole and now she gets to travel the world.

  • i like amber rose. i liked her role as kanye’s muse. i adore the way she gushes about wiz. she’s cute (actually, she’s gorgeous). what i didn’t understand is why amber was treated like a superstar on wendy’s show and draya was treated like dirt. both girls (plus kim k.) have murky pasts, but only draya got the cooties treatment. i was on a break with wendy after the draya interview but tuned in to see amber. what a huge difference!
    (for the record, i think all guests should be treated with respect unless they are gunning for you ( like omarosa)).

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