I’ve been told a time or two that I’m a flirt.

I find the whole idea hilarious considering I was extremely shy for most of my life, but in my adult years I have been making a considerable effort to be friendlier. And apparently, talking to people (men), smiling, and cracking jokes is considered flirting to some. I guess I’ll take it.

As I’m navigating my way through the dating world after being off the market, I’ve come to learn that flirting is an art that needs mastering. While you can’t control the level of someone’s attraction, you can improve the likelihood that you’ll meet interesting people–and maybe even a potential boo–if you know how to flirt.

While I’m great at chatting people up, I’ve not totally mastered the art of flirting. I am working on my bag of tricks, though. As matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson mentioned, certain things like casually touching the person (in a non-sexual way), using their name in conversation, and leaving before the conversation is done so that you leave them wanting more are good tools to have in your flirting tool bag. But in my experience, nothing tops being a great conversationalist (and being yourself).

So, while I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a flit…I’m definitely on my way.

How about you? Are you a flirt? 

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