The lastest installment in the Twilight film franchise is a certifiable hit. After enthusiastic fans camped out last week to be first in line for midnight screenings across the country, the film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, slayed at the box office, raking in $138.1 million domestically in it’s opening weekend. Amazing.

As I watched many of the eager campers and fans not-so-patiently awaiting the opening of the film, I noticed one thing about the Twihards: they were very, very pale.

While vampires and werewolves are not my cup of tea, I figured somewhere in that gigantic opening weekend was a group of Black/Brown Twihards who were just as enthralled with Bella and Edward’s love story as everyone else. I mean…it makes sense, right? Even if I have yet to meet them.

When I was teaching, many of my students–overwhelmingly female and Latino–were obsessed with both the books (and the books are HUGE) and the films, but I don’t (personally) know many adults who are as head-over-heels about this franchise as some others. But perhaps I run in the wrong circles?

Talk to me, Clutchettes…are you a Twihard? Do you love the films? Did you see them?  Will you?


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  • sweetpisces

    I found all four releases very cheesy, especially the bad acting. The best parts of the movies are the fight scenes. What i hated about the first one is how stupid the ending was, so it wasn’t too bad overall. But then Bella got all suicidal in the second making me think what kind of a sickening love was this? the third was even more dramatic and tasteless, but the latest is the absolute worse. Edward’s fairytale way of speaking transformed into a yankee voice, so i was like where did this mystical character go. There was just too much bad acting. The best part was Bella dying.