When Sex and the City made the leap from cable television to the big screen, many of us rejoiced, put on our favorite Manolos and lined up to see it. But would we do the same for a Girlfriends movie? Years after abruptly leaving the air, rumors are swirling about the possibility of a Girlfriends movie. Actress Keesha Sharp, who played Monica on the show, did an interview with New York City radio host Cherry Martinez recently and had this to say about the possibility of the show heading to theaters:

“Everybody’s talking about it, and I think that would be great…like a Sex in the City. At least give it some kind of closure to a degree and find out what happened to the characters in this past 5 years. We’re all excited about that, everybody’s talking about it, so we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that it happens. All I can say is everybody’s interested, and that’s a start. ‘Cause if Tracee wasn’t interested or Jill wasn’t interested or Golden, that would be a problem, but everybody wants it to happen. So we’re just waiting to hear, ‘Hey, we got the money.’ So hopefully, that happens.”

While Girlfriends was great for television it’s unclear how it would come across when put into a longer feature film format and without the right team of writers, some of the edginess that we loved about the ladies could get lost in translation. On the other hand, if done properly (and hopefully not by Tyler Perry) having a Girlfriends movie could turn out to be a phenomenal success.

Would you go see a Girlfriends movie?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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