For months hard core basketball fans have been sulking and counting the days until the start of the NBA season, and looks like their prayers have been answered. After 149 days, an estimated loss of about $400 million dollars on each side and a final 15-hour bargaining session, the NBA and players finally emerged from talks with a tentative deal that will have fans cheering the first of a 66 game season starting on Christmas Day.

The new agreement calls for a 50-50 split of basketball-related revenues between the owners and the players, about $2 billion for each side in current terms. There is a possibility that the players can make as much as 51 percent or as little as 49 percent, depending on whether the league exceeds or falls short of projections. The players had previously been earning 57 percent. There are other minor details that need to be worked out, the lawsuits that need to be dismissed and the deal still needs ratification by a simple majority of the 30 teams and a simple majority of the 430-plus players, but both sides don’t anticipate any further delays. If all goes well, the first games up are expected to be Knicks vs. Celtics, Heat vs. Mavericks and Bulls vs. Lakers, talk about the best Christmas gift ever!

As we speak, players are preparing for training camp which is set to open on December 9th and fantasy basketball pools are in full effect. Of course the announcement of the lockout ending wasn’t great news for everyone, more than a few tweets and facebook statuses went up with women complaining that they’ll be “losing” their men (side-eye), and that they can forget about date nights. Now why these women don’t take the time to get into the game so they can watch with their boyfriends is a whole different topic. Personally, I’m beyond excited for my favorite sport to be back in action and I’m ready for Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony to lead the Knicks to a championship. Let the ish talking begin.

Are you excited for the start of basketball season? What team are you rooting for?

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