Lately Drake has been on some Keith Sweat, nobody loves me but my momma, music trip and it had me yearning for the old Drake so I decided to revisit one of his earlier tracks “Best I Ever Had.”  After a few spins in my iPod it got me to thinking, who was the best I ever had?  My ‘good lovin’ list isn’t really that long, but as I sat down to think about what actually constitutes ‘the best’ I found that I really couldn’t make up my mind because each man had a pro and a con.  After some not so intense thought, I think I have narrowed the requirements down to a very important few:

  • Size.  Sorry but in my book size does matter.  I don’t need a man with a mandingo sized magic stick long enough to resemble a third leg, but I do want to be able to feel it.
  • Foreplay.  This is a must.  I don’t know how men expect to get things flowing, you know, down there, without warming a woman up first.  Do you just get in your car and drive…no.  So don’t expect to just flip me over and find the fountain of youth flowing between my legs waiting for you to come and take a dip.  Kiss me, caress me, something.
  • Special Moves.  Let’s face it, we’re all pretty much doing the same positions in bed, but every man has that one move that has you hanging off the bed like “Damn!”  And when he’s done throwing it on you, you know it’s automatically lights out and game over.
  • Technique.  Are you rough?  Are you attentive?  Do you ease into the loving or do you pounce on it right away.  A man’s technique can make or break a love session.  He needs to know what works best for the both of you at any given time and apply it with precision.
  • Adventurous.  I need a man that is willing to try new things.  Sex can get boring after awhile if all you’re doing is the same old thing.  A man that is willing to step out of his comfort zone and try a new position, toy or location is definitely a contender.  Double points if he can take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Connection.  I’m a believer that in order to sleep with someone and have the experience be a great one, there needs to be some sort of genuine connection.  Your rhythms have to be in sync and so do your sexual appetites.  Without this you might as well send him packing and break out the Duracell.

Once I narrowed it down it was much easier to name the winner of my personal “Best I Ever Had” contest.  I know you want to know who won, but a true lady never kisses and tells of course…at least not online.

So who is on your best list and how were you able to narrow it down?  Is there anything on my list that you think needs to go?  What would you add?

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