With the holiday season approaching and everyone gearing up for the mad dash to buy last-minute Christmas gifts, I’ve been thinking about how important it really is to get a gift during the holidays. Growing up, I was a smidge spoiled….okay spoiled, and I got pretty much everything I wanted for Christmas (and some things I didn’t want but was glad I had gotten them). Even as an adult I get gifts from my parents, maybe not as pricey as the ones I received in my younger years, but I have no complaints. Now when it comes to gifts from friends or people I’m involved with….it’s another story. Very rarely do I get gifts from friends during the holidays or on birthdays, and as for the men in my life, well, let’s just say I dated losers in the past so, gifts didn’t really exist. However, none of this ever really bothers me because I’m very much a giver. I love to see the look on someone’s face when they get a present from me. I put a lot of thought into my gifts and giving to others just makes me feel good personally regardless of whether they give to me or not.

Until today.

I was speaking to a guy I’ve been seeing and we talked about all the shopping we need to do for our families this year when half way through he says, “And the gift I’m getting for you isn’t working out so…” Before he could finish, I cut him off and told him to just surprise me. He proceeded to tell me that he’s not getting me anything because his gift isn’t working out. I know he’s most likely lying and worst case scenario, he’ll get me a gift late, but hearing those words still stung a little. I mean, I plan to have the most amazing gift sitting wrapped in my house just waiting for him and he’s not getting me anything?? What?!

Of course I didn’t express any of this to him and it actually shocked me that I even cared. But I do. I know we’re in a recession and everyone and their momma is cutting back on purchases in general this year, so is it wrong of me to expect something? Oh and did I mention that I didn’t ask for anything….even when he asked me what I wanted. Sigh. I was always raised that it was better to give than to receive, and up until today, I was okay with being the giver and not receiving anything because I didn’t give so that I could receive, but ummm, I want a gift.

What if he really didn’t get me anything, do I have the right to be mad? I didn’t ask for anything and how important is it to get a gift anyway? Is it going to be a deal breaker? Hell no. Will I hate him forever and throw some kind of fit? Nope, not at all. But for some reason the idea isn’t sitting right with me. I don’t know, maybe I’m making too much of it, but for once I’m feeling like I’d like to be on the receiving end for once.

How important is it for you to receive gifts from family/friends/significant others on holidays and special occasions? If you didn’t ask for anything, do you have the right to be mad? Is not getting a gift a deal breaker? Do you prefer to be the giver, receiver or both?

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