Well, well, well…this certainly has the stans talking.

According to the UK tabloid the Daily Mail, Rihanna’s hectic schedule is taking its toll, and to gain some perspective, she turned to her mentor’s wife–Beyonce.

Rihanna is on the last leg of her massive 101-date world tour, and lately, she’s suffered from being overworked and feeling rundown. Recently the Bajan beauty tweeted, “I’m so light-headed! WTF!!!!!” after a performance in Dublin, and she’s also had to cancle shows due to sickness and exhaustion.

Before her Dublin show, RiRi reportedly threatened to cancel, but was talked off the ledge by Beyonce. Apparently, a tearful Rihanna spoke to Beyonce–who knows a thing or two about hectic schedules–and Beyonce encouraged her to finish the tour, but to take a year off to recover after it’s done.

Over the past few years, Rihanna has been one of the hardest working people in the business–constantly touring, releasing albums, and promoting side projects–but is it too much?

Would taking a year off be good for Rihanna or should she continue working to stay relavant in a business that quickly forgets those it once loved?

What do you think, Clutchettes?

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  • Whatever

    Rihanna put out 6 albums in 6 years so yes, maybe she needs a bit of a break. However not a year, she is just a pop tart and another one can easily pop up and and take her place. However, if i was Rihanna I wouldn’t be taking any advice from Beyonce. Of course she wants Rihanna to take a break while she herself is pregnant and about to take time off. Bey gets the side eye.

    • rosie

      Agreed on everything you said! If she’s living her dreams, no point in stopping now,

  • Tweed12

    What is her track record? Six albums in six years? I think she needs to take more than a year off.

  • Gigi Young

    Who are we to dictate what Rihanna should and should not be doing? Lest we forget it is her JOB to entertain, release records, go on tour, etc etc.

    • LurkerG


      I can’t even fathom taking a year off work… though it’d be darn nice. If she needs two/three weeks vacay to sleep, then take it. If she wants to keep working, keep working, but always mind your health. It’s really that simple.

      And to end, I don’t really believe this article, considering the ultimate source…

  • African Mami

    She needs to start SANGING that’s what!

    • Perverted Alchemist

      Shots fired, LMAO!!!!

  • collegeGRL

    I am a big Rihanna fan, always have been and I agree she needs to take a break.