I’m conflicted about this one, Clutchettes.

Although I’ve consistently advocated for a man’s right/need/want to express himself emotionally, this video of a Twitter user by the name of @Big_Jamaal gives me pause.

While I think men need a safe space to express their emotions because too many of them default to anger–the emotion we (society) allow them to safely emit–I’m a little embarrassed for this dude.

I’m embarrassed for Big Jamaal NOT because of what he’s saying, but because of his methods. Apparently, he messed up with his girl and instead of calling her or showing up at her house, he sent her a video pouring out his heart *cue Drake’s music.*

Well, predictibly, things didn’t go according to plan. After the two got into it via Twitter, and things got really, really bad, Whitney, his ex, posted the video of Jamaal pouring out his heart.

Because nothing on the internet is private, the video made its way to the site WorldStarHipHop and all hell broke loose. Big Jamaal became a trending topic, was labeled as a “simp,” and the tweets started flying.

To be clear, I don’t think Jamaal is a “simp” for pouring out his feelings, but I do think he went about it all wrong (also…apparently he’s a twitter bully, so…#Ironic?).

Whenever things like this happen, I always look for the lesson. For me, a major lesson that can be learned from all of this is to keep your private life private. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it. DO NOT PUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP ON TWITTER. Period. When things are great, folks Tweet happy thoughts and feelings, but boy when they go bad…you end up being called a “simp” and half of Negro Twitter is clowin’. No bueno.

As we increasingly live more of our lives online, I’m sure situations like this will continue to repeat themselves, but Clutchettes and Gents…do not let this happen to you. Keep your private business private, don’t put out negative energy, and if you did your partner wrong, apologize in person.

What do you think? What else can we learn from the Big Jamaal debacle? 

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