Bowl Bangs




What easier way to switch up your look than to tweak your hairstyle? And what easier way to tweak your hairstyle than to spice things up with a bang?! Bangs are a quick and fun way to turn a blah haircut into something special, and, nowadays, the typical side-swept layered effect isn’t your only option. With the resurgence of the bowl bang, Coco chicks all over the globe are making a bold statement and framing their faces in a way that screams confidence; “Look at me! Oh yes, I’m that girl.” Long gone are the days when a mushroom cut and bowl bang were punishment for little boys and girls whose parents clearly weren’t concerned with their child’s street-cred on the playground. Because, as we saw during times like the mod sixties and pin-up girl forties, a blunt bowl bang can, in fact, be chic and edgy.

Would you rock a bowl bang?

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