Being a model is practically every young girl’s dream. Growing up we fantasize about living the jet life that includes exotic locales, drenched in designer clothes, and being romanced by rich guys. But it takes a lot more than a pretty face and a cute figure to cut it in the world of modeling. Only a select few get to grace the cover of Vogue, and strut the runways in Rome, Paris, London and New York. Its so easy to get regulated to the numerous agencies that pledge to put you in the spotlight but many of them end up taking your money while you are left hustling without any results.

Cynthia Bailey from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is using the new season to highlight her new career as a mentor to young hopeful girls who want to experience what she did as a young successful model. She is planning to open up her own modeling agency, but from the looks of the girls that showed up for the open call, one has to wonder if she is opening a charm school rather than a modeling agency.

Modeling requires that special mix of all the right elements that propels the right candidates to the heights of success. The life of a model is no ordinary one, so it makes sense that whoever lives that life has to be extraordinary in some way. The physical attributes are striking enough to make anyone take notice when you walk into a room. Not very many people have that gift of commanding lingering attention when they inhabit a space.

Having those qualities automatically directs you where you need to be. If you end up chasing the idea of being a model, then you are not meant to be one.

– Ezinne Ukoha

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  • Bronze

    Oh Yes! to be young, beautiful, thin. To jet set around the world in the latest designer threads with the stud of the week by my side. Where did I go wrong?????

  • This article seems to uphold the status quo that we so often b*tch about. We can’t applaud “that special mix of all the right elements” on one hand, and then hold a gripe session on “why don’t models look like us?” on the other. It’s ridiculous.

    SN: The generalizations are amazing. “Being a model is practically every young girl’s dream.” Really? I wanted to be a pediatrician, then a teacher, then an architect and then a teacher again. But I guess the use of “practically” allows for those exceptions to your blanket statement.