This morning it was reported that the twin children of Michelle Parker, the woman who has been missing since November 17th, were taken from their father Dale Smith’s home and transported to their maternal grandmother Yvonne Stewart, who is hoping to get temporary custody if the courts will allow.

Dale Smith the ex-fiancée of Parker appeared with her on The People’s Court that fateful day when she vanished without a trace. And judging from the topic of discussion, it’s clear they both had no love lost between them. Aside from that, disturbing details have emerged that do very little to convince us of Smith’s innocence. His second wife died from a drug overdose, he has had multiple arrests stemming from illegal drug possessions and also for aggravated battery which he pled guilty to. Needless to say, it’s pretty clear that this guy has quite the checkered past. Smith experienced some of the violence while they were still a couple. She accused him of domestic violence and filed for an injunction back in 2009. It ended up being dismissed due to lack of evidence, but the fact remains that obviously Dale Smith is a guy that most girls might think twice about when it comes to settling down and having children.

Stories similar to this one usually have a tragic ending and while we hope that Michelle Parker will miraculously turn up, as the days go by, it gets harder and harder to remain optimistic.

Are women putting their lives at risk when they end up with guys that not only have had a violent past but have also been charged with serious offenses?

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but sometimes red flags pop up that are too bright to ignore and yet some women ignore the signs and dive right in and even bring innocent children into the mix.

There is no guarantee that that the man you pick to be your life partner wont disappoint you but sometimes its worth considering whether or not your decision could endanger you or the lives of your little ones.

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