Two days before the 2-month celebration of the Occupy Wall Street movement, NYC’s flagship encampment was violently raided; it’s peaceful occupants told their settlement was no longer lawful, or tolerable. Prior to the riot police’s actions in Lower Manhattan, encampments in cities such as Oakland, St. Louis and Portland, Oregon were abolished – all in the name of public health & safety. At this rate, it’s easy to imagine this will be the fate of most Occupy Settlers across the country, but as Heather Gautney, sociology professor at Fordham University, declares, “Nothing helps a movement more than having a common enemy. Also, when a movement is able to stay nonviolent, it gives the movement the moral high ground.”

True, this string of crackdowns may embolden the ‘occupiers,’ and given the manner in which this multi-city shake down unfolded, even more citizens may choose to join the cause. Both participants and bystanders wait for the dust to settle and reveal whether there’s another chapter, or if we’ve finally reached the end of this story.

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  • OaktownMiss

    People are up in arms here in Oakland. I cannot wait until Mayor Quan gets ousted. Now sh*t is jumping off in Berkeley too with all the students getting beat up. The revolution will continue!!

    • watcher

      Quan doesn’t know what the hell to do.
      The movement can really open up discussion about our basic human rights that are still being violated.
      I think some people have just accepted the failures of the system as an inevitable part of life you have to live with, ie the “stop complaining, get over it, if you don’t like it get out” attitude.

      But I also feel we shouldn’t just look towards Occupy as a movement to help us with change. Any people can start their own based on whatever change they want to create.

  • lulu

    what we want to see and what we actually see happening will most likely not be the same thing… gotta separate reality from wishful thinking at some point.