As more details and alleged victims come forward, accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky took to the airwaves to proclaim his innocence. In a shocking interview with sports journalist Bob Costas, Sandusky was adamant that he is not a pedophile.

When asked in any of the allegations were true, Sandusky told Costas, “I could say I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids I have showered (with) after workouts. I have hugged them, and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact.”

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During the interview, Sandusky admitted to showering with several young boys while on Penn State’s campus, even after being confronted by a concerned mother in the late 1990s. Sandusky also denied raping a young boy in the shower, which was allegedly witnessed by Penn State assistant Mike McQueary, and giving another boy oral sex, which was supposedly observed by a campus janitor.

Sandusky denied having any inappropriate contact with young boys and said he regretted “showering with the kids.” In an interview with Ann Curry, Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, said that the alleged victims and witnesses are lying, and that showering with children doesn’t automatically equate to sexual assault.

In a pivotal moment during the interview, Costas asked Sandusky, “Are you sexually attracted to underage boys?”

The disgraced coach repeated the question and replied, “No. I enjoy young people.”

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