It’s happened to you before.  You’re surfing the web and decide to stop by your favorite site, Clutch Magazine (obvious shameless plug), when you come across an interesting article.  After reading, you leave your comment and go about your day.  When you come back to the site later on you notice that someone has responded to your comment and what they had to say was downright nasty and rude.  You go with your first reaction and respond in an equally hostile manner and before you know it you’re going back and forth with this virtual stranger name calling, exchanging harsh judgments and negative words.  But for what?  Comment sections are for people to state their opinions and engage in meaningful and respectful dialogue, not fight.  Next time you feel yourself getting sucked into comment section beef, remember these three tips and you’ll stay drama free.

Respond Nicely

If someone in the comment section comes at you in an angry or disrespectful manner, remember the old adage and kill them with kindness.  Don’t be baited and sucked into a confrontation, respond to their comment nicely and respectfully, thank them for their opinion and suggest that you both simply agree to disagree.

Don’t Respond

If responding nicely doesn’t work, don’t respond to any more of their comments.  It’ easier said than done and it can be hard ignoring someone when their throwing daggers your way, but you have to keep in mind that this is someone who doesn’t know you and continuing to engage only wastes your precious time.

Contact The Site Owner

Some people just don’t know when to stop and if you see that this commenter is continuing to harass you or others on the site contact the owner of the site right away.  The comment section is not the place for bullying or threats, it’s for dialogue and anyone that can’t express themselves in an intelligent manner shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the discussion and ruin the experience for everyone else.

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