Cornell West Goes Back to Teaching at Union Theological Seminary in New York CityDr. Cornel West has decided it’s time to leave the ivy walls of Princeton and go back to where it all began. According to The New York Times Dr. West, the author of 19 books, a television and radio commentator and prominent political activist, will leave his post at Princeton this summer to return to Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where he started out as an assistant professor in 1977. At Union Dr. West will teach philosophy and Christian practices for far less than he was making at Princeton, but despite that Dr. West finds joy in having more time to pursue his true calling.

“I don’t have that much time, and I want to be able to do precisely what I’m called to do,” Dr. West, 58, said. It will also be nice, he said, to be within walking distance of the Apollo Theater.

Princeton’s president, Shirley Tilghman, said that Dr. West had helped create “one of the world’s leading centers for African-American studies” at Princeton. However it seems no one is happier about the move than those at his new home in New York City. The Rev. Serene Jones, president of Union and a former student of Dr. West, had this to say:

“In coming here, Cornel comes to a place where his scholarly commitments and his activism don’t live in two different worlds. As you get older, the more integrated your life is, the healthier it feels and the less time you have to spend waking up deciding who you’re going to be that day. At Union, he just has to be Cornel.”

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  • Val

    I would have been impressed had he gone to a HBCU. These Black Ivy League professors are all talk.

    • entro

      Agreed, I think he would have had more credibility with me also.

  • African Mami

    “I don’t have that much time, and I want to be able to do precisely what I’m called to do,”

    That line right there, threw me off!!!!! Made me kind of sad…I don’t want to speculate but,…..erm yeah.

    Although sometimes you piss me off with your radicalism, I still heart you. All the best!

  • Libby

    Why should he Have to go to HBCU to show he’s cares about Black people? Do you work at an all black company? Currently there People forget there are black students at Ivy schools who need to have black professors in the ranks to help them navigate obstacles. What about them?

  • As a present Union student, I’m pretty geeked about this.