As women, we’ve long been a victim of double standards in the workplace, relationships and society in general. But double standards in fashion and beauty inadvertently work in our favor.

Let’s face it: men and women are on a completely different hierarchy when it comes to what’s acceptable for each gender to wear. As women, we generally have more options than men and are allowed to be creative and free with our personal style. Men have more restraints on what they can wear and what’s acceptable by society.

For years, whether it’s on the red carpet or in the comfort of our homes, women (myself included) embrace Men’s fashion. We may rock a button-down shirt as a dress, pair combat boots with a military jacket, purchase a pair of basketball shorts to lounge around the house in and dare I say it, get breezy in Men’s underwear!

Even world-renowned fashion powerhouses such as Jil Sander and Lanvin have hopped on the wave and created menswear-inspired collections for women, which is actually one of this season’s most prominent trends. And men love seeing us rock traditionally masculine clothes. By society’s definition, women in Men’s clothes are stylish, chic and alluring.

But, what about when the tables turn? Let a man wear a blouse like Kanye and all hell breaks loose. While we enjoy complete freedom in dabbling in menswear, men face a ton of criticism and rejection when they step outside our very limited notions of masculine style.

As soon as a guy is spotted rocking a blouse, jeggings and (more boldly) falsies, makeup, a man purse, pumps and nail polish, his sexuality and masculinity is placed into question. When it comes to certain fashion statements set by men, I do give a sideeye every once in a while. But if he likes it, I love it.

I’ve seen some men work the life out of pair of pumps, sometimes better than women, switch in the hips included. If a guy likes wearing nail polish, carrying a man purse, or sashaying down the city streets in a pair of pumps, let him. And certainly, a blouse or fitted pants are no cause for alarm. If we can rock their looks, it’s only fair that they be allowed to rock ours if they so choose.

Clutchettes, is it so wrong for men to embrace fashion and beauty trends we’ve grown to love when we’ve incorporated their styles into our wardrobe?

-Kamille Cooper

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