That special time of year is finally here.  No I’m not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas, the time I’m talking about ladies and gents is cuffing season.  The time of year where the air gets crisp and our beds get cold so we (well some of us) go on the hunt in hopes of finding someone to cuff to our beds to keep us warm during the winter months.  Cuffing season can be a many splendid thing, but if you don’t play your cards right it can turn into the nightmare that never ends.  Before you lock down your cuff buddy take a look at these four simple rules that will help make your cuffing season pleasant and ensure a clean break come spring.

No Overnight Cuffing At Your Place

We all know that very few cuff buddies turn into long term relationships and that as soon as the weather breaks most people shed their cuff boos like they shed their winter clothing. So the first rule is to make sure that this person doesn’t get to comfy.  Under no circumstances should your cuff buddy be allowed to spend the night!  Barring some life or death emergency or a freak storm that traps you two together, they need to perform their duties and get to going.  The last thing you need is your cuff buddy walking around in their drawers and marking their territory like they’ll be around past the spring.

Be On The Same Page

Oddly enough, even though this season comes around every year, many people still end up blindsided when winter ends and so do their relationships.  The easiest way to avoid awkward breakups and potential stalking issues is to be on the same page from the beginning.  Let your cuff buddy know that they are, in fact, a cuff buddy and that you aren’t looking for anything serious at the moment.  It’s a tough convo to have, but it lets the other person know exactly what their getting into and can save you headaches and a starring role on “Snapped” down the line.

No Talking Feelings

You’re in the house drinking a few glasses of wine or brown juice, cuddled up on the sofa enjoying the night and next thing you know someone is bringing up how happy they are in that very moment and how the last relationship they were in went sour, but this is different, blah, blah, blah.  This is not a relationship, and other than making sure that this person isn’t disease infested, or certifiable, and caring just enough to not want to see them dead; you don’t want to get to know them on any kind of significant level.  Feelings tend to complicate even the most casual of situations and once you start sharing feelings and developing real emotions, what was once a carefree relationship can get serious quick.   Before you know it you’re in a full blown relationship and wondering “How did I get here and how can I get the f*&k out!”  Keep conversations fun and light hearted and if the other person keeps pushing for more serious talks, pay attention to the red flag and get out!

Cuff Responsibly

This is a rule that definitely applies year round, but especially during cuffing season.  The combination of snow storms, warm blankets and even warmer bodies always seems to result in tons of “Ooops” baby showers to attend come the summer and fall.  If you’re going to have a cuff buddy, be responsible and make sure you protect yourself.  Take the pill, use the patch, Nuva ring or stock up on Magnums at your local BJs or Costco, whatever it takes to ensure you stay healthy and don’t end up doing 18-to-life with someone who was only supposed to be around a few months.

What other rules are on your cuffin season list? 

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