The amazing and legendary Debbie Allen appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show,”Friday and talked about her relationships with Fantasia Barrino, Mariah Carey and Micheal Jackson. When asked about all of the drama surrounding Fantasia with her starring in the Mahalia Jackson movie, Allen had this to say:

“I wish she would step away from all the people around her so she can hear her own voice.  She has a gift from God–God would help tell her where to go.  She’s got too many leeches around her.”

Barrino has been getting a lot of flack for having a baby by an alleged married man. The press has been horrific and people are wondering if she can make a positive come back.

Check out the video below of Allen dropping words of wisdom on Barrino and dishing about her other celebrity friendships.

Do you agree with her advice for Barrino?


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  • pink

    Debbie is a very wise woman and has been around the New York and Hollywood scenes for a long tme. A word from the wise is sufficient if we only listen.

  • Li Sister

    Whether you like Wendy Williams Show or Not Its Nice that in the era of Gawker, TMZ etc black Celebrities like Debbie Allen still have a platform in the Media to be real and speak the truth about our celebrities which cuts through all the bs fed to us through Mainstream

  • Rastaman

    Not to burst everyone’s bubble but there used to be this other famous female singer, I think her name was Whitney Houston whose life was unraveling in the public eye and everyone seem to believe the story that it was the people around her and not her (i.e. Bobby Brown). But as we have come to learn many of these individuals no matter how talented we think they may be are just as “ratchety” as the people they surround themselves with no matter how their fans may wish it was different.
    Being able to sing, dance, act or whatever is no substitute for good sense!

    • Angie

      Thank you, Rastaman. Fantasia is no longer a victim. She’s experienced a measure of success which provided her the opportunity to leave the hood behind. I’m sure she now has access to quality counseling, help, advise,education, etc to help her to change and become a more refined individual. Looks like to me she just took the hood with her and seems to be happy with it….

    • pink

      You can take (some) people out of the hood….but you can’t take the hood out of (some) people.

  • pink

    When is the last time Fantasia released a record or cd? I wish she’d put out a new cd. ng.

  • Ty

    I agree with all of the comments. I love Fantasia’s voice and think she has a beautiful spirit, but when God blesses you the way He has done for her, you have to WANT to do better. Otherwise, you are just wasting a blessing that many others could only dream of having. I am family oriented but sometimes you have to have the gift of goodbye. Why isn’t her mother telling her that instead of Debbie Allen? I hope and pray Fantasia gets her life together. She’s such an awesome talent.