Your iPad, Blackberry case, computer wallpaper, T-shirts, jewelry are all items you can customize so why not do it with your beauty? With 29 million companies and products fighting for your attention trying to demand what’s hot and what’s not, do you ever just sit back and ask yourself what do I really like? Do I feel comfy in it? Or even does it work for me? Instead of getting buried under every beauty ad or trend, breakdown how you can define your own beauty and rock what you like in life.

Know Your Taste

Everyone has a preference on what they are drawn to. If it’s bright, bold colors to spicy a bob haircut to cozy comfort of neutral color jewelry, whatever you gravitate to take hold of it and make it yours. Sometimes this is truly taking a step back and looking at your closet and beauty drawer to see what you wear and what has been just their just for home décor. Your taste is unique remember simply because taste is created by all your life experiences and no one in the world has replicated everything you’ve been through, so embrace it!

Tell the Truth

Yes, it’s not just an old saying that you’ve heard repeatedly through out life — the truth will set you free! I know what I’m about to write is a hard task that we have to do. It’s even sometimes even easier difficult to do it with others but here it goes — be honest with yourself. Every fashion piece or beauty product does not work for everyone and that is 350% okay! That is neither natural or exciting if everything worked for everybody. So instead of trying to be the mascot for every new brand — embrace the brands, styles, and shades that work for you. That can be just throwing on some gloss on your lips before heading out the door and skipping the full face a make up. Go for it. There are no rules in beauty that you do not have the authority to change.

Cozy, Comfy, Confidence

I know too many times we get caught up in the race of life. Especially if you’re in a field where your appearance is judged before a half a word can slip from your mouth. It does not matter if you are decked out in Oscar de La Renta or 1.99 sweater that you snagged from the local thrift store it means nothing if you’re not comfortable in your style. Love the fact that you can be your own individual through your appearance. If it’s conservative to boho, whatever you works for you — rock it!

How do you define your beauty?

– Ellisa Oyewo

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