Alarming news in the fight against diabetes. By 2030, one in 10 adults are expected to be living with the disease.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, by 2030 the number of people living with diabetes is expected to jump to 552 million, up from 366 million in 2011, unless drastic actions are taken.

One way to reverse this dismal prediction is slow the rate of obesity. Because the majority of people are being affected by Type 2 diabetes, which is connected to poor diet and exercise habits, public health officials think that a change in our lifestyles can slow the numbers of those affected by the disease.

According to Reuters, “Diabetics have inadequate blood sugar control, which can lead to serious complications like heart disease and stroke, damage to the kidneys or nerves, and to blindness. Worldwide deaths from the disease are now running at 4.6 million a year.”

Doctors say new diabetes cases are popping up all over the world, partly because many countires—even some developing nations—are adopting a “Western” lifestyle.

Jean Claude Mbanya, president of the Diabetes Federation, told Reuters, “In every country and in every community worldwide, we are losing the battle against this cruel and deadly disease.”

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