The entertainment industry can be particularly brutal when it comes to physical attributes and how strategically placed each feature is in comparison to what is deemed the “industry standard”.

But do those standards apply in the music industry? Some may argue that it depends on the genre. Adele is an international superstar thanks to her sultry voice and pop infused jazzy numbers. She is definitely not a size 2 or 4, nor does she have the kind of figure that would get her the kind of attention that her other counterparts like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland or Taylor Swift garner on a daily basis. But she still manages to woo audiences across the globe without relying heavily on her physical appeal. Could she have found such success if she were trying to break into the pop music genre? Probably not. Music executives would have had a hard time convincing the record labels that despite her size, she could be a viable artist.

So much about the music industry revolves around selling an image; we see how well that has worked out for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and even Nicki Minaj. The music of course has to be laced with a catchy hook and clever verses but most importantly, the artist especially if she is a female, has to have some level of sexual prowess that will undoubtedly captivate her audience and guarantee her legions of fans.

Adele has been lucky enough to create a niche for herself that allows her to escape the public scrutiny of her figure which in turn has encouraged more appreciation for her music and her staggering wealth of talent. Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, is the most successful Idol winner to date and even with the chart topping hits, she was still battling criticism from her record label who never stopped pressuring her about the extra pounds. After parting ways with her management company, she received offers from Jive Records and Interscope Records which she promptly turned down, proving that she was determined not to be re-tooled and re-vamped to please even the bigger and more successful record companies. Obviously her confidence level leaves her no room for self-doubt or low self-esteem. But not everyone can fight through the hale of judgments and come out on top. Christina Aguilera was flying high almost a decade ago but her career has dipped sharply, and her album sales have left a lot to be desired. Her growing figure has also made headlines as well as her ill-fated marriage. As of now she could easily be branded a “has been”. With the arrival of Lady Gaga all bets were off and the thin sleek template with flexibility and grace is remaining the staple for all wannabe stars to follow.

Fame is definitely not for the faint at heart but should only be reserved for the physically endowed, talent be damned?

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