From C+C — MTV’s unabashed heroine Chelsea Settles, has made great strides since the cameras started capturing her every move, including her relocation to Los Angeles from her hometown of Pittsburgh.

She is now ready to pursue a career in fashion and the next obvious step is securing a job in one of the upscale boutiques that are nestled in Beverly Hills. Considering how shy and withdrawn Settles tends to be especially when she feels she is on display, any viewer would be nervous for her, especially since we are all relatively familiar with the social climate in cities like LA. Living and thriving in a city where your bread and butter could depend solely on looks and sex appeal could prove to be a daunting task for any young woman who is over 300 pounds.

But in the last couple of episodes, Settles has enviably cast aside her demons and fearlessly walked down the catwalk alongside the obvious adornments of models, actresses and socialites, without missing a step or shuddering at the realization that she is surrounded by some of the thinnest people on the planet. She makes her rounds to a couple of shops and ends the day not feeling very secure or hopeful. Some of her encounters are filmed and you can tell as she walks into some of the stores, the reaction isn’t exactly hostile but rather politely robotic.

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